We love them

My dream would be to take all the dogs out of the landfill and give them the life they deserve, with a loving family. To make my dream come true I need a larger plot of land with shelter. With more space, I could provide the Garbage Dogs with a chance of getting fostered and adopted.

URGENT – We need 2-3 acres of land for a new shelter. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

They love us

Afrodite at work !Afrodite takes care of dogs at 3 different places.She has rented a small plot of land where she keeps some of her rescues but it is small and of very limited capacity.She also keeps animals at the wooden shack- it is not hers,it is an abandoned ,dilapidated wooden shack which she uses to keep animals in need .She also goes to the Loutraki Landfill to put food and fresh water,

We are family

Hello from Fudge 💙 and Afrodite! Puppy Fudge is up for adoption! Our young boy Fudge was rescued from the landfill.

Καληνύχτα σας από την Αφροδίτη και το κουταβάκι Fudge 💙 το οποίο είναι διαθέσιμο για υιοθεσία με ο,τι ορίζει ο Νόμος.

NOTE – Dog sponsorships available soon!


“Your help is invaluable, much, much sought after and appreciated. Afrodite has been struggling to help the poor landfill dogs for years. She’s been discouraged on many occasions but she’s never given up. But this is all too much for a single person. The sole volunteer on site is her – most people give up as the landfill is a huge place and there’s ample space for the dogs to hide.

Plus the fact that most of them have never been in contact with people so they are not comfortable around people – this means that the captured ones have to spend quite some time with her to start being comfortable around people. The other thing is that the rented plot she has is of limited capacity therefore only a limited number of animals can be accommodated there in order for us not to risk dog fights.

We need all the help we can get in order for Afrodite to be able to remove many of them – we would like to remove all dogs from this wretched landfill – and give them a decent life, even find good loving homes for them.

Thank you for helping us.”