My name is Aphrodite Tsoukala

I moved near the Loutraki landfill in 2018.

Driving around lost one day, enjoying the stunningly beautiful Loutraki forests I came upon a horrific sight, the Loutraki Landfill, Garbage Dump — my life changed completely that day.

Seeing the awful conditions of the dogs living there was a horrifying experience for me. I saw packs of dogs and puppies with broken bones and sores all over their bodies. Drinking from dirty puddles and scavenging in the trash. Many were starving, thirsty, sick, close to death, some were dead.

I began trying to take care of the dogs without much help from the local municipality or the government. I am provided with four sacks of dry food per week. Free neutering and some medications are provided as well.

I have captured, vaccinated, neutered, and treated as many dogs as I can.

I rent a small plot of land which I use as a makeshift shelter.

I have no more space at this rented plot so, if a sick dog needs treatment now I have no alternative but to try and capture the dog, give it treatment in a crate, and release back to the landfill. This breaks my heart.

My dream would be to take all the dogs out of the landfill and give them the life they deserve, with a loving family. To make my dream come true I need a larger plot of land with shelter. With more space, I could provide the garbage dogs with a chance of getting fostered and adopted.